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zcomet – A Fast, Simple Zsh Plugin Manager

Some code in my dotfiles gradually grew into a small, efficient Zsh plugin manager: zcomet. I am not surprised that it increasingly reflects my preferences, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it take second place on my laptop in  zimfw/zsh-framework-benchmark — just behind Zim itself.

It all started because I needed some routines to download and source code when Zinit would not run. Zinit does not work for Zsh v5.07 and lower, and I not infrequently find version 4.3.11 on servers. So my zcomet plugin manager is backwards-compatible to 4.3.11.

I particularly like the trigger command, which mimicks Zinit’s trigger-load — it lazy-loads plugins by creating placeholder functions for their commands and only loading the code when a command is invoked. That allows me to “load” things that I do not actually need on a day-to-day basis without really affecting my startup time at all.

Give zcomet a try:

zcomet – Fast, Simple Zsh Plugin Manager
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