zcomet – A Fast, Simple Zsh Plugin Manager

Some code in my dotfiles gradually grew into a small, efficient Zsh plugin manager: zcomet. I am not surprised that it increasingly reflects my preferences, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it take second place on my laptop in  zimfw/zsh-framework-benchmark — just behind Zim itself.

It all started because I needed some routines to download and source code when Zinit would not run. Zinit does not work for Zsh v5.07 and lower, and I not infrequently find version 4.3.11 on servers. So my zcomet plugin manager is backwards-compatible to 4.3.11.

I particularly like the trigger command, which mimicks Zinit’s trigger-load — it lazy-loads plugins by creating placeholder functions for their commands and only loading the code when a command is invoked. That allows me to “load” things that I do not actually need on a day-to-day basis without really affecting my startup time at all.

Give zcomet a try:

zcomet – Fast, Simple Zsh Plugin Manager
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Real-Time 78 rpm Equalization Curves for Equalizer APO

This library of equalization curves allows you to listen to 78 rpm records with correct equalization in real time. Playback may be done using any program, as the correction to equalization is done using the Equalizer APO system-wide equalizer (Windows required). You can also use these filters to listen to raw transfers enjoyably.

Kozak’s Classic Cinema

My wife Erin has started a website called Kozak’s Classic Cinema, where she writes regularly about movies made from the beginnings of cinema up until roughly 1950.  She inaugurated the site with an article on Erich von Stroheim’s silent film Greed (1925) and followed up with essays on That Hamilton Woman (1941; one of Churchill’s favorite films), It Happened One Night (1934; starring Clark Gable and the divinely silly Claudette Colbert), and The Third Man (1949).  All this in under a month!  Please take a look at the site, and remember to like her on Facebook or to follow her on Twitter.