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Alexandros Kozák

Ham Tea House
Berkeley, CA

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  • University of California, Berkeley (1997-2000). M.A. in Greek (2000).
  • University of Cambridge, England. Postgraduate study in Classics (1996-1997).
  • Harvard University (1994-1996). A.B. summa cum laude in Classics. Honors thesis: The Myth of Hypsipyle in Greek and Latin Poetry

Work Experience


  • Author at (2021-present).
  • Freelance web designer and developer (2015-present).
  • Author at (2014-present).
  • Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation, San Francisco
    • Assistant Chanter (2011-2012; 2016-present).
    • Web Developer (2009-2012).
    • Operations (2009-2010).
  • BizXchange
    • Trade Department
      • Corporate Account Manager (BizX Media Group; 2008-2009).
      • Corporate Trade Broker (BizXchange & BizX Media Group; 2007-2008).
    • Operations
      • Office Coordinator (2007).
      • Director of First Impressions (2006-2007).

Teaching Positions

  • Graduate Student Instructor at the University of California, Berkeley (2000-2004).
    • Instructor, Latin 100 ("Republican Prose," advanced reading course; 2004).
    • Teaching Assistant, Classics 28 ("The Classic Myths"; Prof. Anthony Bulloch; 2003).
    • Teaching Assistant, Classics 10B ("Introduction to Roman Civilization"; Prof. Trevor Murphy; 2002).
    • Instructor, Latin 2 ("Elementary Latin"; 2001).
    • Instructor, Latin 40 ("Latin Prose Composition"; 2001).
    • Instructor, Greek 1 ("Elementary Greek"; 2000).
    • Instructor, Latin 10 ("Intensive Elementary Latin"; 2000).
  • Pew Charitable Trust Associate (teaching assistant) at Gettysburg College (1993-1994).
    • Latin 204 ("Roman Poetry"; 1994).
    • Latin 102 ("Elementary Latin II"; 1993).
    • Latin 101 ("Elementary Latin I"; 1993).

Related Experience

  • Review panelist for the 2001-2002 Medusa Mythology Examination.
  • Research assistant to Prof. Donald J. Mastronarde (University of California, Berkeley; commentary on Euripides' Medea; 1999).
  • Proctor, Harvard University Summer School (1995).
  • Latin and Greek proofreader for the Patrologia Latina Database at Chadwyck-Healey (now ProQuest; 1994).
  • Research assistant to Prof. Laurence Marschall (Gettysburg College; book on meteorite and comet impacts and other catastrophic events; 1994).
  • Private Latin language tutor at Gettysburg College (1992-1994).
  • Research assistant to Prof. Leslie Cahoon (Gettysburg College; text of and commentary on medieval Latin hymns; 1992-1994).


  • University Regents Fellowship (Berkeley; 2003).
  • Andrew W. Mellon graduate scholarship for modern foreign language study (German; 2000).
  • Berkeley Fellowship for Graduate Study (1997-2002).
  • Laurence Studentship (Cambridge; for postgraduate study in Classics; 1996-1997).
  • Cambridge Overseas Trust Bursary (1996-1997).
  • Latin Orator at Harvard Commencement 1996 (David Taggart Clark Prize; oration "De moribus Harvardianis").
  • Society for Values in Higher Education, Fellow (1996).
  • Harvard Undergraduate Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society (1996).
  • Honorary 1996 Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship in Humanistic Studies.
  • Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize (Harvard; for outstanding undergraduate honors thesis; 1996).
  • Raymond Weir Smyth Prize (Harvard; for outstanding undergraduate honors thesis; 1996).
  • Bowdoin Undergraduate Latin Prize (Harvard; for a Latin version of a passage from Mark Twain's "Ghost Story" into the style of Pliny; 1996).
  • William King Richardson Scholarship (Harvard; for distinction in Greek and Latin sight-reading and composition; 1996).
  • Arthur Deloraine Corey Fellowship (Harvard Classics Department fellowship for graduate study; 1996-1997).
  • Bowdoin Undergraduate Greek Prize (Harvard; Greek version of a passage from William James's Varieties of Religious Experience into the style of Plato; 1995).
  • George Emerson Lowell Scholarship Prize (Harvard; for excellence in the classics, based on an examination which tests competence in the translation and composition of Greek and Latin and in exposition of classical literature; Greek, 1995).
  • John Osborne Sargent Prize (Harvard; best metrical translation of Horace's Odes 2.13; 1995).
  • John Harvard Scholarship (for academic achievement of the highest distinction; 1994-1995).


Papers Presented

  • "Holy Fools in the Byzantine Empire." Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation, San Francisco, CA, September 10, 2017.
  • "What If the Fall Had Never Happened?" Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation, San Francisco, CA, March 6, 2016.


  • The City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society.
  • The Association for Recorded Sound Collections.
  • The City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society.
  • The Classical Association of the Middle West and South.
  • Society for Classical Studies.

Volunteer Work